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Come Join the Fun! 

Below are the descriptions of previously held workshops, providing a wonderful cross section of genres and topics. 2018 workshops will offer this and more!

"Not Your High School Poetry"
Accessing the Joys and Ease of Verse
facilitated by K. E. Concannon

Has a teacher ever ruined poetry for you? Are you hesitant to read or write it in your daily life? It's time to brush that away and get back to the power of language.


We'll talk about and experience through activities the simple bliss of reading and writing poetry, which only has to measure up to your standards, and the therapeutic freedom of doing both.

"Inspiring the Commitment to Create"
facilitated by  Meg Kinghorn, includes a tour of Pilar's home

Surround yourself in a home that evidences the lifelong commitment to create. Find inspiration, discovery,  and instruction with other writers to reignite your creative impulse. Focusing on our personal stories and interpretations, you will be led through writing exercises designed to fortify your desire for a writing life.

"Fearlessly Write YOUR STORY"
Navigating the Challenges of Telling Personal Stories
facilitated by Meg Kinghorn

Why are we called to write about our own stories? Do we have the right to? Do we have a good reason to? What about the people involved? So many questions can impede our call to write. How can we answer these questions? What can we do to manage our fears? What rules should we set?


Find inspiration, discovery, and instruction with other writers who want to write about their life in an environment that truly embodies the fearlessness to create.

"Give Your Characters Voice"
Improve Your Dialogue Writing Skills
facilitated by Rachel Hsieh

A writer can do so much with dialogue. Build character, advance the plot, heighten stakes—even resolve the conflict. And yet, many writers are insecure about crafting conversations for their characters. We’ve all been told, “you either have an ear for writing dialogue, or you don’t.”


Truth is, dialogue is just like any other writing skill; it can be developed and honed. Open to all genres and led by an award-winning playwright offering tips techniques and exercises to help you feel more comfortable giving your characters a voice.

"Write Like a Thief"
Stealing Away Into Playful Worlds of Fiction
facilitated by  Chris Chambers

Play is the essence of fiction writing. The joyful audacity of breathing life into new beings, and sending them forth into worlds that have never been,  is at the bright heart of the fiction writer's craft. It's a heady pleasure to transmute the stuff of our everyday lives into fiction And-- we all get stuck sometimes--lose the thread, misplace the spark, or not know how to begin. Join us as we explore methods to keep our fiction loose and nimble, discover exercises designed to unlock the back doors into your writing. Travel the crawlspaces and ledges, the slip-ways and sidle-byes. Learn to approach your fiction from uncommon angles. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to reignite the play instinct that we all possess.

Come prepared to write (and play). Roll up your sleeves--we’ll be digging right in.​